Renovation & Restoration

Top left:  Oak Worktop and Sapelle Door | Bottom Left:   Oak Beams and Oak Door | Right: Oak Trusses and Oak Worktop

When renovating or upgrading your property, the team at Hortus Ligneous has experience in working with clients and seeing the potential in a space, to add or enhance a properties features. Methods we use to add character and style to your home include:

  • Moving or restyling your stairs.
  • Simply adding a beam to a fireplace or manufacturing an ornate fire surround.
  • Replacing skirting boards, architraves and adding ornate mouldings.
  • Adding non-structural beams.
  • Flooring


Our expert team are on hand to provide their in depth knowledge of renovation to help you complete your project and create the desired finish for your home. We have highlighted some simple, yet effective ways of developing your home however for greater impact and improvement why not consider extending your space with a Garden Room or Porch?

Restoring oak is a great way to return this magnificent wood back to its former glory and create an exquisite focal point in any room. Completing restoration projects gives our team great satisfaction, knowing that this beautiful timbre is back to its former glory providing a beautiful period feature to any home.

Hortus Ligneous has worked on numerous restoration projects involving:

  • Splicing and replacing oak which has wood worm, dry rot, wet rot and providing treatment when required.
  • Replacing beams and timbers.
  • Sourcing reclaimed timbers where required.
  • Matching mouldings, replacing decorative sprockets, bargeboards and facia boards.


We also work closely with professionals who are able to treat old structural beams that have been fire damaged or have been treated with a dark stain where replacing them is not a very practical or possible solution.

You can contact the Hortus Ligneous team on 0800 6118650 or click here to use our contact form.