HTop left : Oak Panel Boarded Curvetop Gates | Bottom Left: Oak Automated Estate Gate | Middle: Sapelle Flat-top Gates with Wicket Door | Right: Oak Herringbone Hand Gate with Side Panels

The expert team at Hortus Ligneous can create a multitude of hand crafted wooden gates from our workshop in Leicestershire. We work with high quality hard and softwood timbers and offer a bespoke service to create a suitable gate to suit your property and meet all of your requirements.

Timber gates offer strength and durability as well as enhancing the entrance of your property. From your initial enquiry with Hortus Ligneous we will follow your plans and designs or alternatively will arrange a site visit to measure the opening with you to design gates that will work for you and your home.

When designing a gate it is important to consider:

  • Both hardwood and softwood options
  • The overall purpose of your gates
  • Your budget
  • The type of design.


Manufacturing your gate
We can create any type of gate ranging from small garden gates to large sweeping curved top, driveway gates, you just need to decide. We will then discuss the type of wood available for use.

Hardwood is a durable, long lasting option. It will wear well in the weather and offers added security as it is strong. Paired with a metal frame it will offer the security conscious extra peace of mind. Our premier gates are manufactured from Oak but we also work a lot with alternative hardwood timbers such as Sapele, Iroko, Walnut and Mahogany. If hardwood is not a viable option for you, softwood can be used. We are happy to advice and apply treatments to enhance their look and longevity.

Electric Gates
Electric gates are the perfect entrance to any property, allowing fast sophisticated access, with added security benefits. We work alongside specialist Automation companies and therefore can arrange for your gates to be automated.

We are happy to introduce you to these professionals or we will work directly with them ourselves.

Our personal service helps you design the perfect gate for you
From your initial enquiry with Hortus Ligneous we offer a comprehensive service helping you find exactly what you are looking for. We are happy to use your own designs and plans, create an alternative version of another gate we may have manufactured for a previous client or create a brand new bespoke design.

Call the Hortus Ligneous team to discuss your requirements on 0800 6118650 or click here to use our contact form