House Interiors


Hortus Ligneous is on hand to help you complete your restoration or renovation project. By providing internal and external doors to add to the character of your property, or, perhaps structural and non structural beams to enhance the look of your home.Many types of timber can be considered for a project and we are happy to discuss your personal preferences; however at Hortus Ligneous we favour Oak:

  • It is a beautiful wood to add to a home and its beauty really improves with age.
  • It is a renewable resource that is a sustainable material
  • It will complement its surroundings; brick, stone or anything else to that matter.
  • It can provide a naturally stunning focal point for any room be it flooring, mantel piece, window, door or beam.
If you are not entirely sure of what you are looking for, then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project with our expert team who will help guide you through from start to completion.