Pre school Visit The Willows

You have probably got the gist by now that we pretty like kidding around here at The Willows – what with all of our kids, the dogs, the Hortus Crew ;including a couple of young twenty somethings and some older more mature “young at heart” adults and the pigs and we like nothing more than […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 10/06/2013

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Our New Apprentices

    The want and need to make things seems to run in the blood.  The middle two children were found recently enjoying time in the back of the Hortus Ligneous van, creating a master piece.  Pictures say a thousand words, so I don’t have to!     To meet their father, call Sam on 01664 […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 21/08/2012

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Man To Dad Competition

Sam, director at Hortus Ligneous is the youngest child of 5, his eldest sister Zebby is a keen photographer and runs a fabulous little business, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah (   She often visits us in Melton Mowbray and captures our special family moments.  We are such a fan of her work that when we can, we rope […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 16/06/2012

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