Why are oak framed buildings becoming popular again?

When you think of a house you usually think of bricks or render but more and more people who are building their own homes or looking to move home are on the lookout for oak framed buildings. This could be due to wanting to stand out from the crowd and be unique, but it could […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 14/09/2012

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“Hi Sam & Co, we wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful oak framed garage you’ve created for us, it really has exceeded our expectations (and already had lots of admiring glances from the neighbours!!) We wish you all the best with the continued growth of Hortous Ligneous, but with the levels of service you’ve provided and beautiful workmanship we know it will […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 04/06/2012

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The first few projects ..

Hortus Ligneous develops its appetite for Oak Structures In 2005 Sam was commissioned to make a beautiful boathouse.  Together with his small team, one full time apprentice and two Sub -Contractors they manufactured a beautiful Green Oak boathouse, in the Vale of Belvoir.  It sat on a picturesque lake at the back of the clients […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 28/05/2012

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