What type of garden room would suit you?

You can add another dimension to your home by adding an Oak Frame Garden room.  Garden Rooms also known as  Orangeries and conservatories can offer you that extra space you may be desperately in need if such as an office or a family room or can simply be an indulgent addition “just because”.    To […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 17/03/2017

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Removal Of Stains and Tannins in Oak

As many will know a lot of our jobs include building and renovation, in particular Oak frames, Oak windows, beams  and  Oak  flooring.  Oak can become discoloured fairly easily having oak, especially green oak looking aged and in need of some TLC.  Another common staining in oak is when Tannins* ( the chemicals in the […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 07/03/2017

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Pre school Visit The Willows

You have probably got the gist by now that we pretty like kidding around here at The Willows – what with all of our kids, the dogs, the Hortus Crew ;including a couple of young twenty somethings and some older more mature “young at heart” adults and the pigs and we like nothing more than […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 10/06/2013

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Lovely Customer, lovely house!!

I have just been searching through some old files when I came across this testimonial from a loyal customer : “We have been really pleased with the work Hortus Ligneous have carried out for us, which has included both internal and external joinery. From fitted shelves and units to large oak garage doors and a hardwood […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 17/03/2013

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Maintaining your Wooden gates

How You Can Properly Maintain Your Wood Gates? In order to maintain the look and life of your wooden gates you need to be consistent the few routine steps that are required for you to take.  By following these maintenance tips on a regular basis the life of your wooden gates will be greatly extended. […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 05/01/2013

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Wood From Sustainable Forests

Hortus Ligneous prides itself in supporting the use of sustainable timber from managed forests.  Sustainable wood is a natural and eco-friendly solution to some of the problems we now face. These ecologically sourced raw materials must form some part of the answer to our world’s climate changes. At its simplest, it means making sure that […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 20/12/2012

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Embrace open plan living with bi-fold doors

Open plan living in our homes is one way of making a smaller home fell and look a lot bigger than it really is. This is a great bonus especially if you have children and/or pet that as they grow, need more space. When considering installing bi-fold doors you need to decide on the material […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 19/10/2012

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Things to consider when buying a timber gate

There are usually many reasons why you choose to buy a timber gate; to provide a safe environment for your children or pets or to increase the security of you property. But you should really also be taking in to consideration other areas when making your choice of what timber gate you buy. Why choose […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 12/10/2012

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