What type of garden room would suit you?

You can add another dimension to your home by adding an Oak Frame Garden room.  Garden Rooms also known as  Orangeries and conservatories can offer you that extra space you may be desperately in need if such as an office or a family room or can simply be an indulgent addition “just because”.    To […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 17/03/2017

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Removal Of Stains and Tannins in Oak

As many will know a lot of our jobs include building and renovation, in particular Oak frames, Oak windows, beams  and  Oak  flooring.  Oak can become discoloured fairly easily having oak, especially green oak looking aged and in need of some TLC.  Another common staining in oak is when Tannins* ( the chemicals in the […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 07/03/2017

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