Staff Profile : Sam Clemons

Posted 04/07/2013 - by Charlotte Clemons in Blog, Company History, Hardwood Structures, Oak Structures, The Team, Wooden Gates

So I thought it would be fun to spend the next few months introducing you to the Hortus Ligneous team, those who make the wooden wonders, the hardwood gates and manufacture our beautiful Oak structures. I thought it fun to, not only find out a little bit about their training, their roles with in the company and the skills they offer a timber manufacturing company, such as Hortus Ligneous.

Sam Clemons- Managing Director: A family Man!

Sam Clemons- Managing Director: A family Man!

So I thought I’d stop with the main driving machine behind Hortus Ligneous, Sam:

What is your name? Sam John Clemons

How old are you?  33

What is your position within the  Company?  Managing Director

Have you children? Yes 4 gorgeous ones -2 girls: Claudia ( 6) and Beatrix ( 5) and 2 boys:Barnaby ( 3) and Diggory (10 months)


How long have you been with Hortus Ligneous Ltd?:  I set up the company with my older brother as a partnership in approx. 2002 but in 2006 we decided to go our separate ways and I converted the company to a Limited company.

If you won the Lottery what would you do?  Pay off all my bills, buy a Masarati and whisk my family away to somewhere hot hot hot.  I’d come back refreshed and continue to build oak structures and oak products for people!

What would you do if you were invisible?  Spy on the government- Id love to see what they say and do behind closed doors- I wonder how corrupt they really are!

What is your favourite part of your job?  Fulfilling customers dreams, seeing them happy when they see their finished product.  I love to stand back when a job is complete and digest what we have produced, Im proud of what the team does

What is your least favourite part of your job?  The paperwork!! I wasn’t put on this earth to write, email or make calls and it is something I am working on improving all of the time.  I would opt to be manufacturing something overtime but have had to learn over the last few years to let go, delegate and get on with the mandatory paperwork!

What is your best skill that you offer Hortus Ligneous?  My vision….my ability to understand what people are aiming for and being able to transform that into a product.  I love fine skilled work

What skill you would like to learn in the future?  I would love to be able to use a cmc machine.  It would be achange to use a new machine within the same field that I work in.  I could offer more personalisation to my customers too.

Do you like being the “boss man”?  I do and I don’t!!! I love owning my own business and the boys that work for us are great. When Im feeling patient I love to delegate and help improve their workmanship but sometimes with the regular time restraints I find it hard to find as much time I would like in the workshop or on site with the lads.  I presume that they think I’m cruising around, being un-constructive, and I feel a little guilty ( I expect this is something the majority of managers have to deal with – a personal skill of mine  that needs improving!!! )My sense of achievement on a day like that is pretty low-at the end of the day one of my best parts of my job is standing back and looking at what Ive created, its not quite the same counting how many calls Ive made, emails Ive sent and products ive ordered! I like getting stuck in manually

Whats the favourite part of your life?My kids, my wife; my fab family and everything that goes with them- our house, our business, our dogs, the pigs, the Leicestershire countryside….Life is good!



To meet Sam in person and to discuss your timber product requirements call : 01664 650110