Pre school Visit The Willows

Posted 10/06/2013 - by Charlotte Clemons in Blog, Company History, Family Time, Sustainable timber

You have probably got the gist by now that we pretty like kidding around here at The Willows – what with all of our kids, the dogs, the Hortus Crew ;including a couple of young twenty somethings and some older more mature “young at heart” adults and the pigs and we like nothing more than sharing our home and work space with our many guests, customers and friends.

So it probably wont surprise you that we invited the village preschool, which Barnaby currently attends, to  join us for a ‘mess around’  on what  would be a <fingers crossed> lovely summers day.

Well the sun did shine and the children wore themselves out playing on the climbing frame that Sam built,   visiting the pigs in the pig sty ( with rosemary roof tiles…posh pigs !) picnic-ing beside the pond  and watching the dogs swim.


The simple life = Happiness!!

For information on Scalford preschool please read their Scalford Preschool blog and for more information on bespoke products built by Sam and his team please call him on 01664 650110 or 0800 6118650