Maintaining your Wooden gates

Posted 05/01/2013 - by Charlotte Clemons in Blog, Oak Finishing, Treating Oak, Wooden Gates

How You Can Properly Maintain Your Wood Gates?

In order to maintain the look and life of your wooden gates you need to be consistent the few routine steps that are required for you to take.  By following these maintenance tips on a regular basis the life of your wooden gates will be greatly extended.

Once a new wooden gate’s surface has been sanded and finished the protection should be applied.  Once you have chosen between a variety of finishes; oil, stain or painted , application can commence using a layer of appropriate primer or undercoat and at least two top coats of your final finish.  I have written about treating Oak in a previous blog so please take a look at that for more information on which products to use.

Once the appropriate treatment has been applied the gates are ready for the hardware to be fitted and for installation. They will be ready for the weather that they will be exposed to in the first instance, however regular maintenance will be necessary as sooner or later any finish will wear away.

It is recommended that the gates should have TLC each spring and you need to inspect them for splits, cracked finish, loose nails or screws, fading of finish etc.  most years all that will be required is a tightening of a opulent of screws and a spot of correcting the finish.  Re-coat the spots which have worn down or begun to crack a light sanding of the area and a coat or two of the paint or stain should suffice. However, approximately every five to seven years, a complete washing and sanding of the wood before repainting or re-staining will further prolong the gate’s life.

Painting or staining over an area without cleaning and sanding is not recommended as this could cause even worse damage to the gate. Bare wood or a cracking painted surface permits water to penetrate into the wood itself which is a huge invitation for micro-organisms or termites detrimental to the wood. Sanding down the area needing repair and allowing it to dry before refinishing keeps the wood from rotting. Additionally, as when painting or staining a new wooden gate, place a sheet of cardboard, plastic or canvas under the gate to prevent drips below.

As long as preventative measures are taken the wooden gate will remain in prime condition for many years. Maintaining your wooden gate will retain its durability and save you money in the long run.

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Treated with exterior finish

Painted with exterior finish paint

Treated with exterior timber treatment


Treated with tung oil

Treated with tung oil