Embrace open plan living with bi-fold doors

Posted 19/10/2012 - by Charlotte Clemons in Bi-fold doors, Blog

Open plan living in our homes is one way of making a smaller home fell and look a lot bigger than it really is. This is a great bonus especially if you have children and/or pet that as they grow, need more space.

When considering installing bi-fold doors you need to decide on the material you’d like the doors to be made from. You can choose from metal, wood or upvc. Timber will give you the greatest choice of finishes as you can wax, varnish or paint to achieve the desired finish upon completion to fit into the current decor of your home.

Are you looking to buy off the shelf or made to measure? If you are buying off the shelf you need to consider if you will have to make any structural changes to accommodate the door. With made to measure, this will initially cost more but at least a portion of this price will be off set by removing the need for structural changes and you can have a say in the finished design.

The advantages of installing bi-fold doors are:

  • Enhance the value of your property
  • Good selling point
  • Multi-purposed, open as little or as much as you need to increase or decrease the space
  • Area that can be covered with a bi-fold door is limitless
  • Added security
  • Utilises the space you have in your home

Bi-fold doors will add character to your property whether it is a modern new build in the heart of Leicestershire or a rural character property in the depths of Rutland, these doors will integrate into your property without looking our of place.

Here is a selection of the range of doors including bi-fold doors which Hortus Ligneous have provided throughout Leicestershire and Rutland. To find out more information or to have a chat about your needs contact Hortus Ligneous on 01664 650110