Things to consider when buying a timber gate

Posted 12/10/2012 - by Charlotte Clemons in Blog, Wooden Gates

Beautifully handcrafted bespoke Oak Estate Gates

There are usually many reasons why you choose to buy a timber gate; to provide a safe environment for your children or pets or to increase the security of you property. But you should really also be taking in to consideration other areas when making your choice of what timber gate you buy.

Why choose timber gates?

Firstly, you will get the natural beauty of the material which you do not get when buying wrought iron. You also have the option of fully boarded or open boarded when buying your timber gate. To keep preying eyes out and increase your properties safety, fully boarded is the option for you, an option you won’t have if you are buying wrought iron.

Should you choose off the shelf or made to measure timber gates?

This depends on the quality and longevity you want to get from your purchase. Off the shelf timber gates tend to be poorly made and usually cheap imports. These will usually be poorly jointed and left in storage where they can warp or twist. With made to measure you get exactly what you are looking for, choose what design you want, know it has been made specific for you and from excellent quality timber.

How to look after a timber gate

Once you gate has been installed, you need to treat it with a micro porous or moisture vapour permable paint or stain, ideally something that has UV filter to protect the wood from the sun. Apply as per the manufacturers instruction and re-apply as necessary.

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