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3 reasons why you should choose automatic oak entrance gates

Posted 21/09/2012 - by Charlotte Clemons in Blog, Wooden Gates

Wooden Gate, DerbyshireWhether you are building a house from scratch or updating the front of your property, adding an automatic Oak entrance gate is probably one of the many things you are thinking of including. Here are reasons why you should choose an automatic Oak entrance gate.

  1. Security. This is the main reason why people add automatic Oak gates to the drive way of their property. Having gates encloses your property from the footpaths and road that pass by the front of your home. It will make it harder for criminals to gain access to your property as well as lowering the cost of household and car insurance
  2. Safety. Having an automatic Oak gate at the entrance to your property will improve the safety of your home for both your children and your pets. With it being automated, the children will not be able to open it without you knowing, meaning they are less likely to escape and no one will be able to access you property either.
  3. Style. Adding any gate will add style to the entrance of your home, but adding an oak entrance gate will also add beauty as well as being Eco-friendly. Oak entrance gates that are created using PEFC or FSC wood will be better for the environment as opposed to metal gate and are more private.

Here are a selection of Oak automated entrance gates Hortus Ligneous can provide. To find out more information or to have a chat about your needs contact Hortus Ligneous on 01664 650110