Wooden Gate, Derbyshire

Another Satisfied Customer!

Posted 10/07/2012 - by Charlotte Clemons in Blog, Testimonials, Wooden Gates

Last month Sam and Will fitted a wooden gate in Derby, Derbyshire.  They made the large softwood gate in the workshop and went off one  morning to fit them. The morning didn’t start off as one had hoped as they didn’t check the box of hinges from the supplier and when they arrived on site after a 55 minute drive they realised that they were missing from the pack- technically not their fault but next time I think they’ll be checking the box more thoroughly! Wooden Gate, Derbyshire

Anyway,  once sorted out they did a great job of hanging the wooden gates- and the customer agreed.  She wasn’t at home when they left but later left a message on   the answer phone : “thankyou so much for the gates, th ey are fantastic and we are so pleased with them!”

This morning we received an email from said customer: “What a find Hortuslig has been!. The workmanship on our driveway gates is outstanding and more than met with our high expectantions. The service received was friendly, professional and very efficient and we would not hesitate for a moment in recommending you and your team to anyone wishingWooden gate to use your services and skills in the future.”  Peter and Gillian Smith, Derbyshire.

 A happy customer means a happy Hortus Ligneous team.

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