10 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Wooden Gate

Posted 22/06/2012 - by Charlotte Clemons in Blog, Wooden Gates

  • The Security;  Gates can keep unwanted intruders out, cars and motor vehicles are protected from unwanted vandalism and small children and pets are kept safe on the other side of the gates
  • The Uniqueness; No two wooden gates are the same. With our bespoke products you can choose whatyour gate will look like and can be assured that due to the general make up of wood this natural product will ensure that no other gate manufactured will be exactly the same.
  • Aesthetics;  Wooden Gates improve  the look of your property, thus impressing visitors and pleasing neighbours.  The price of ones property can be enhanced as well.
  • The Privacy;   Close boarded gates provide more privacy than metal gates, keeping unwanted eyes off your property and belongings and reducing the risk of unwanted visitors and intruders
  • Strength and Durability;  Hardwood gates are strong and durable. With the correct maintenance hardwood gates, especially oak ages will last for many years to come .
  • Status Symbol;  Hardwood gates made out of Oak, Sapelle or Iroko are are a status symbol.
  • Renewable Source; Timber is a renewable resource.  All of the timber for our gates at Hortus Ligneous are sourced from FSC renewable forests, hence being kinder to the environment and much more eco-friendly than alternative metal gates.
  • The Natural Look;  Wooden gates look so beautiful and compliment their surroundings. The natural product looks fabulous within both the rural and suburban surroundings.
  • The Versatility;  There are so many options of woods, finishes and designs. Once the gates have been with you for a while you can change the look of the gates by choosing different colour treatments.  Wood also looks great combined with metal, perhaps choose a wooden frame and metal inserts.
  • Automation;  Wooden gates can be automated for added security and privacy.  There are many different automation kits so you can choose whichever one suits your needs. All electric gate kits come with key fobs
    so that u can open them whilst in your vehicle but you can choose a variety of opening options for your visitors: automatic openings, pin coded entrance pad or a buzzer and speaker phone.