Man To Dad Competition

Posted 16/06/2012 - by Charlotte Clemons in Blog, Company History, Family Time, The Team, Windows

Sam, director at Hortus Ligneous is the youngest child of 5, his eldest sister Zebby is a keen photographer and runs a fabulous little business, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah (   She often visits us in Melton Mowbray and captures our special family moments.  We are such a fan of her work that when we can, we rope her in to trail round taking photos of our wooden gates, Oak Garages and other work in Rutland, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

Last summer, May 2011, Zebby had nipped over for lunch,  a cuddle with her nieces and nephew and a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Because she can’t go anywhere these days without her camera, her right arm accompanied her.

Fitting our softwood window

Sam was in the midst of replacing some old windows in our bathroom with some newly manufactured softwood windows ( painted blue grey if you must know!! ) He was busy but loving his Sunday afternoon as his children watched on in awe.  He likes nothing more than working whilst the kids potter on around him.

Whilst daddy works it’s child’s play!

When Sam took a break for a well deserved cool drink, Zebby took her opportunity to take some impromptu photos of the children and their Daddy.  In particular of Claudia, aged 4 and her Daddy blowing bubbles. a lovely yet relatively normal Sunday afternoon in the Clemons household.  That was until about 4 weeks later when Zebby called to say we had won a competition…what competition?

It turns out Photobox was running an online, special fathers day competition with the theme : “Man to Dad”.  Zebby had decided that her shot of Sam and Claudia, that lazy Sunday, had fitted the bill, she was right!!

Sam Clemons,  plain old joiner from the sleepy town of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire had just become the face of FATHERS DAY  2011 in his most important job as Daddy.  He was dressed in his work vest, unshaven and probably pretty smelly but that didn’t deter the judges…he was featured in the London Metro and Daily Mail . We were all very proud of him, especially Claudia, who couldn’t wait to tell her school teachers and friends that she was famous!! We have a regular reminder of that sunny sunday  not only in a frame but also in shape of a flat screen television… Zebby went halves on her prize winnings!!! What a top SIL!

Fathers Day 2011 Winning Photograph, for photo box.

 So Happy Fathers Day All You Deserving Daddies Out There!! 

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