More work less play

Posted 01/06/2012 - by Charlotte Clemons in Blog, The Team


So after what seems like weeks of working on our website, writing the blurb, selecting the photos and working with Ketchup to get the design “just so”, I decided I didn’t have enough photos of the team. I have a variety of pictures taken over time of our Sub- contractors and Apprentices but photos of Sam and Will, our permanent on-site joiners extraordinaire, there were few and far between.

I, of course, have lots of Sam at home with the kids and a variety of photos with Will wearing his Personal Protective Wear (lol) for his college finals, taken 2 years ago, but no recent photos.


So yesterday, it was just the two of them in. They went off fitting some gates and nipped back for a late lunch; thats when I collared them. Today was the day, no excuses that we were going to have a little photo shoot!!

Now I imagine you think they would be pretty professional about this, a couple of smiley shots and then back to the grind stone to create more timber master pieces. But no, the boys took this as an opportunity to practice for their future modeling careers, or perhaps “FOOL SCHOOL”! So here they are, our dashing craftsman doing what they think they are particularly good at!!

Finally a nice pose!

I have to say, they did make me laugh, after all, that is what life’s all about isn’t it?!