10 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Wooden Gate

The Security;  Gates can keep unwanted intruders out, cars and motor vehicles are protected from unwanted vandalism and small children and pets are kept safe on the other side of the gates The Uniqueness; No two wooden gates are the same. With our bespoke products you can choose whatyour gate will look like and can be […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 22/06/2012

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Man To Dad Competition

Sam, director at Hortus Ligneous is the youngest child of 5, his eldest sister Zebby is a keen photographer and runs a fabulous little business, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah (www.zipadee.co.uk).   She often visits us in Melton Mowbray and captures our special family moments.  We are such a fan of her work that when we can, we rope […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 16/06/2012

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Welcome to our new site

A warm welcome from Hortus Ligneous. Well I’ve been teasing you, it’s been teasing us but it’s here, finally the launch of our fabulous new website.  Many hours of proof reading, long phone calls and endless emails between Ketchup Marketing and ourselves but we are proud announce its  arrival.  hortusligneous.co.uk has a brand new, all […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 12/06/2012

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Finishing and treating Oak

A frequently asked question at Hortus Ligneous is whether Oak should be treated at all and if so what are the variety of treatments available in order to protect and enhance Oak beams, skirting boards, doors, kitchens, gates and other Oak products. There are obviously a variety of treatments available on the market, some of […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 08/06/2012

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“Hi Sam & Co, we wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful oak framed garage you’ve created for us, it really has exceeded our expectations (and already had lots of admiring glances from the neighbours!!) We wish you all the best with the continued growth of Hortous Ligneous, but with the levels of service you’ve provided and beautiful workmanship we know it will […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 04/06/2012

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More work less play

So after what seems like weeks of working on our website, writing the blurb, selecting the photos and working with Ketchup to get the design “just so”, I decided I didn’t have enough photos of the team. I have a variety of pictures taken over time of our Sub- contractors and Apprentices but photos of […]

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by Charlotte Clemons - 01/06/2012

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