The meaning of Hortus Ligneous

Posted 17/05/2012 - by Charlotte Clemons in Blog, Company History

Sam had a lovely little business back in the year 2000, built on “word of mouth” and reputation.  He was enjoying all the projects he was embarking upon and decided that it was time to decide on a company name. Business was good.  Life was good.  But something was missing.  He now had a business that needed a name, a direction, a brand.

Over a  rather delicious lunch and I suspect an episode of Bargain hunt, names began to be thrown around. Did it need to contain Oak, Gates or perhaps the word :timber or wood or would they choose something a little more original? They wanted something distinctive, something with a future and it seems something that sparked conversation- it certainly does!!

In the law of choosing a business name ours really goes against the grain: its not very easy to spell, quite difficult to pronounce and although it does mean what it says on the tin…not many people speak Latin! It means Garden Timber, Garden Wood – although Lignum is the correct translation- but that didn’t sound catchy enough.  Would we change it…..NO, definitely not, no, no no!!  It has a future, it will grow with us- it allows us to venture into many new things.  It covers all of the beautiful bespoke products that we currently manufacture and all the other possibilities.  It covers Hardwood gates, Oak Framed Garages and all those lovely “wooden” things in between. Its a bit different and a little special, just like us!

So Hortus Ligneous was born……and so very proud of its birth we are too!!